Handcrafted Products X Industrialized

But why buy handicrafts?

With the rise of large-scale production that began with the Industrial Revolution, our mind is used to mass production, with products that can cost less than half the price of a handmade item and we are seduced into buying without thinking. So here are some reasons why you should consider rethinking the way you consume industrialized products:

Stimulating the local economy

Buying handcrafted items helps stimulate trade in small communities and independent artisans, so we support fairer income distribution.

Appreciation of crafts
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Appreciation of Art

Typically, handcrafted products are produced using traditional techniques, which may be part of the history of a region, a people or a family. These techniques are conserved and refined over time and maintained with pride and love by those who dedicate themselves to it.

It's not just a simple piece

Thes handmade product is not just a handmade piece. The craftsman dedicates his time, thinks about every detail and puts feeling in its manufacture.

Shopping consciously

Stores typically manufacture their products on a large scale for the sole purpose of increasing profit. Craftsmanship is just the opposite of this logic.

Those who make crafts don't think about getting rich, but because they love what they do. Of course he has to sell his pieces to make a living, but for the craftsman, doing what he loves is more important than big profits.

Unique Pieces

Each piece is unique, exclusive! Even two models of the same piece will never look exactly the same. And that gives  whole charm to a craft.

Make a habit of buying from

Buying handicrafts encourages the artisans to continue producing, preserving local culture, history and tradition.

Environmentally Friendly

To produce at scale, the industry uses machines, energy, water, etc., a huge structure that consumes a large amount of natural resources. 

Handmade products make the most of raw materials and so we do our part to help the environment!

We, at Shodó Arts & Crafts value handcrafted products, we work only with artisans, NGO's, Associations and small brands and we practice fair pricing for those who sell and also for those who buy. Visit our website, I'm sure you will be delighted. 

Practice conscious shopping, practice slow fashion, buy from those who make it!

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